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Opti-Cryl Self Curing Repair Polymer - 1 lb

New Stetic Opti-Cryl Self Curing Repair Polymer

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Opti-Cryl Self Curing Repair Polymer - 1 lb


This resin is primarily used for the repair of dental restorations such as removable prostheses and also in the production of appliances for the manufacturing of repairs and relines. Opty-Cryl self-curing resins are chemically activated by adding a tertiary amine to the liquid component, without requiring the application of heat.

  • Easy handling
  • High gloss finish
  • Available in shades to match all Pour, Heat and Hi Impact acrylics
  • 4-6 minutes working time
  • 10 minutes polymerization time at room temperature
  • Optimal dimensional stability after having made repairs

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