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House Brand Polycarbonate Temporary Dental Crowns - Kit of 180 - First Choice Dental Supplies

House Brand Polycarbonate Temporary Crowns - 180/Kit

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House Brand Polycarbonate Temporary Dental Crowns - Kit of 180

**DOES NOT includes Molars**


A temporary crown (provisional crown, interim crown) is short term crown used in dentistry. It serves until a final (definitive) restoration can be inserted. The temporary crowns are shaped by the dentist to form a tooth shape that protects the prepared tooth, prevents damage to the periodontal tissues (gums) and disguises the prepared tooth to a degree until the definitive crown can be made by a dental technician. These crowns come preformed to industry standard shapes and sizes. This does not mean they are meant to fit every patient right out of the box. A temporary crown will usually be cemented in place with a soft temporary dental cement.This allows for easy removal when fitting the definitive restoration

Includes: Upper Left Centrals, Upper Right Centrals, Upper Left Laterals, Upper Right Laterals, Upper Left Cuspids, Upper Right Cuspids Biscuspids (small), Biscuspids (large), Lower Anterior (long), Lower Anterior (short). 

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