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Magpie Tech Bonart Medical ART Electron ART-E1 Electrosurgery System
Bonart Medical Set of 7 Green Electrodes for ART-E1

Bonart ART-E1 ART Electron Electrosurgery Unit

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Bonart ART-E1 ART Electron Electrosurgery Unit


System for cutting & coagulating, includes main unit (110V), 7 piece electrodes set, E1 hand piece, indifferent or grounding plate, power cord, and foot switch. Operation modes of Cut, Coag1, Coag2. Output power is up to 50W. Operation frequency is at 1.5 to 1.7 MHZ with 10 different power settings. Unit is a monopolar mode but bipolar converter is an option (sold separately). Autoclavable electrodes.




  • Unit with handpiece
  • Cord
  • 7 Green Electrodes Kit

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